President’s Challenge – Coming Back for the Fourth Year

Dr. R. Barry Beebe, President of NBBI

Our fourth year, Advanced Biblical Ministries program, began in 1991. It is an internship where our students spend the school year serving with a local church, with a Christian organization or overseas with a missionary. Their time is spent in a concentrated study program provided by NBBI, while serving under the mentorship of a godly Christian leader. The fourth year curriculum consists of tracks in Christian education, missions, evangelism, pastoral  ministry, counselling, youth ministry and ladies’ ministry.

Graduates of the ABM program are given a diploma of Advanced Biblical Ministries from NBBI and a Bachelor of Theology degree from Covington Theological Seminary.

Please note the following scenarios for completing the fourth year program:

  1. A graduating third year student could go directly into the fourth year.
  2. A previous third year grad could return to do the fourth year in an appointed place of ministry or in the local church where he/she now serves. This would allow him/her to continue in his/her present ministry. At our recent May 2, 2010 graduation, we had a number of pastors and Christian workers who came back and graduated from our fourth year program and received their Bachelor of Theology degrees. One pastor was a grad of 1959.
  3. Previous fourth year grads may apply and meet the appropriate requirements to be approved by Covington Theological Seminary for the Bachelor of Theology degree.

Special scholarships are now available for Christian workers who are applying for the fourth year program.  Please see the scholarship information on our NBBI web site.

Dr. David Doherty is in charge of the ABM program and will be available to answer your questions and consider your application. Perhaps now is the time for you to consider returning for your fourth year diploma or to apply for your degree.

This article appears in the June 2010 NBBI Open Bible Bulletin.  Click here for the printable pdf version.

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