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It has been a good Weekend of Welcome here at NBBI as we begin our 67th year of training Christ’s servants to be ambassadors for Christ.  Our RA’s (resident advisors) came back first for ministry seminars and a retreat.  Next came our juniors, seniors and fourth year ABM students. It is so good to see them again and hear how they have served the Lord over the summer in local churches, on missions trips and at summer camps.  Our staff and upper classmen were involved in 18 different camping ministries in June, July and August.

Weekend of Welcome at the NBBI Open Bible Bookstore

An extra blessing this year is to have so many third year grads of the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and 2000’s who have returned to do the fourth year program and receive their Bachelor of Theology degree. Some are pastors, youth pastors, husbands, wives, mothers, fathers, missionaries and former missionaries.  My wife, Linda, is doing the fourth year program and I look forward to greeting her on the platform at graduation, May 1st, 2011!

Our chapel theme for the year is “The Good Fight of Faith”.  I have been privileged to speak about the “good soldier”, the “good Captain”, the “evil enemy of good” and the “good armour of God”.

Much prayer is needed for NBBI’s training program of being a Christian soldier.  We need a new army of committed men and women to be soldiers of the  cross and soldiers of faith.

Post by: Dr. R. Barry Beebe, NBBI President

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  1. john lane

    i will always hold my memories of NBBI dear to my heart, i have failed made a mes of my life, but praise God he forgives 1john 1:9 as Mr Dowie used to say i am what i am but for the grace of God j lane 82

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