Make Today Count!

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A fallen leaf's view of the NBBI campus

Greetings from the banks of the St. John River Valley in New Brunswick. …and what a beautiful morning it has been. A thick frost and heavy fog greeted us as we arose this morning. Each blade of grass seemed to shiver in its new-found white coat, and the sun peeped over the hill in the distance as if to say… “Patience… I will warm you up soon enough.”

Before long, the sun began to climb into the sky, and the much welcomed warmth caused each blade of grass to shed its cold, white coat and stand at attention in the glimmering sunlight. Sure enough… a perfect day!

And the mist over the river that appeared for a little time, has now vanished away.  It was beautiful to look down across the mowed field behind our house… out over the river… where the fluffy white fog blanketed the calm, still waters of the St. John River. A bald eagle soaring high over-head, peered down into the fog, finding it difficult to spot breakfast.

And then… Just Like That… the mist vanished!  No lingering; just gone!  I paused for a moment, and realized the significance of the moment.  A gentle reminder from God that life is short, and that our days on this earth are numbered. This too, will all-too-quickly fade away.

With that in mind, let’s agree to Make Today Count. Let’s Finish Well.

Enjoy these days!

Post by: Dan Robins, NBBI Business Manager

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