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Winter seems to have arrived in the beautiful St. John River Valley. For the past couple of day our campus has been covered with snow and ice, giving us a preview of what we can expect for the next 4-5 months. As hard as it is, at times, I still think I prefer to live in a climate that has 4 distinct seasons, each one is special in different ways and part of God’s promise to Noah in Genesis 8:22.

This past Saturday, I had the opportunity to speak at the Master’s Men Fellowship Breakfast at the People’s Church here in Somerville. It is always good to get together with these men and encourage one another in our Christian work.

On Sunday the men’s music team, Alive, and another male student went with me to minister at Lower Coverdale Baptist Church in Lower Coverdale, NB. We had an excellent Sunday as we were able to participate in Sunday School and then in the morning service with songs, testimony and the preaching of God’s Word. Pastor Ken Rains and Associate Pastor Kurt Parks are doing a good job in leading this congregation. They are focusing on discipleship and commitment in following the Lord Jesus Christ. God has seen fit to save folks, they are having an up coming baptism and unsaved people are to be found in each Sunday morning service. We really appreciated the hospitality from the church and the fellowship with both pastors as well as an old friend of NBBI, Dean Balser. One of our current students is from Lower Coverdale, Matt Swan, and he is doing his fourth year at Geary Baptist Church in Geary, NB. I am always thankful for local churches and pastors who are striving and endeavouring to make a difference in their congregation and in their community for the glory of God.

I have been especially challenged in my own heart these days as I have been teaching a new course on discipleship. As I have been searching out and teaching the biblical patterns of discipleship, training, mentoring, follow-up, etc., I have been very challenged that discipleship is not only formal training but informal as well. It is not only publicly teaching and preaching God’s Word but it is personally meeting with people one on one or small group basis and seeking to personally take them through the truths of God’s Word as well as leading them in Christian living and serving Christ. I have noticed the pattern Jesus used in training the 12 disciples was to constantly be with them, speaking to them one on one or in small groups and then to take them with Him and lead them out in ministry and venues of service. Later He was able to send them out 2 by 2 and they would come back and report to Him. He also taught them publicly, as well as the multitudes, and they observed Him in daily life as well as in public ministry and leadership. It is my desire to be such a leader of the young men and women here at New Brunswick Bible Institute and that our school will be committed to the patterns set forth in Scripture by the Lord Jesus Christ, the New Testament church leaders and the missionary team focus of Paul and his comrades.

We are preparing for American Thanksgiving and our students will be gone from campus beginning Wednesday afternoon, November 24 until Sunday evening, November 28. Everyone will enjoy a change of pace and hopefully rest, relaxation and fellowship with family and friends.

Post by: Dr. R. Barry Beebe, NBBI President

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