I’m thankful for an excited, active and helpful alumni committee who have worked hard this year to reconnect and reestablish communication with many alumni. Thank you Lianne Bourgoin (’00), Heidi Clark (’05), Peter Grenier (’88) and Dave Goupille (’84). This committee has agreed to serve the alumni for the coming year as well.

Post by: Robert Booker, Vice President, Alumni Committee

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  1. Ramona Herrick Boldsen

    Are you printing or posting online an updated version of alumni names, addresses, etc.? If so I would love to get on the list for receiving a copy.

  2. Jack Caron

    Sorry, due to privacy/confidentiality concerns the school is not able to distribute personal alumni information. However, if you are trying to get a hold of someone we can attempt to obtain their permission and then send you their contact info. Additionally, our Facebook page at: is a great way to reconnect with the NBBI family.

  3. Jack Caron

    PS: I assume you surfed in to the blog from our Facebook page posting so you probably are already aware of that way to connect. Also, I have fixed my previous comment with the correct URL for our Facebook page:

  4. Joan Peacock

    Can we post our Status on the NBBI Facebook?

  5. Jack Caron

    That would be fine to share it on our Facebook page. If you would also like it to be included in the printed Open Bible Bulletin just send it along to us here in the blog comments and I will make sure Bob Booker gets a copy.

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