A Tribute to Dr. and Mrs. Beebe

It is with regret that I write to inform you that Barry and Linda Beebe are leaving NBBI and are seeking God’s direction for ministry. Barry writes, “For the past two months Linda and I have been praying and contemplating God’s will for our lives, whether here at NBBI or elsewhere. The NBBI Board of Directors has met with me and provided direction for the steps that we should take.”

Barry & Linda Beebe are truly faithful servants of the Lord who have ministered at NBBI for 11 years. We will pray earnestly for them as they seek further ministry.

Linda has exercised her gift of hospitality on campus making many of our students welcome in her home. I am reminded of her service to the board of directors at board retreats when she served our meals with elegance, table cloth, finery and all!

We will all miss Barry’s fiery preaching and unique illustrations that included eagles all over the place and a Roman suit of armour complete with 3 swords (2 battle swords and a Bible). Barry has initiated many good changes at NBBI and has represented the Lord and NBBI faithfully.

Barry and Linda, we will pray for you as you seek God’s direction and continue to serve our Lord.

You may contact Barry and Linda by email at: Barry.Beebe@gmail.com

Post by: By Robert Booker, Vice-President

**Editor’s Note: If any of you would like to share something with the Beebes by way of tribute or encouragement, feel free to add it in the comment section below.  We will be sure to forward it along.

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