Liberty Hall Renovations

Summer maintenance involved mainly working on one of the girls’ dorms “Liberty” which involved demolishing the old shower room then starting from scratch, building all new, with six showers, tiled floors, finished ceiling and walls, new modern lights and tile on the walls. Also, a washroom was added to the bottom floor. This involved taking part of the storage/boiler room and putting in a 13×12 washroom. In it are two toilets and three sinks. On the first floor new counter top, sinks and taps were installed. A new handicap shower was installed. Also, new kitchen cabinets were installed in the lounge area. On the second

floor a new three piece tub was installed along with new counter top, sinks and taps. Also new flooring was installed in two rooms.

I would like to thank all those who came on campus during June to help to get these projects started. Your help is greatly appreciated. I hope this is an encouragement to the young ladies.

Post by: Paul Long, NBBI Maintenance Director

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