Field Trip with a Third Generation NBBI Student

This summer I worked for six weeks at Living Waters Bible Camp. It was a busy and amazing summer. One of the weeks, I had a cabin of five girls, all of whom I had the previous year, two which were not saved. During the week, with the meeting and devotional times, I could tell the were thinking because of their questions but they had made no decision for Christ. They did not understand the gospel and it was frustrating because I was trying to explain it and they just could not get it. All I could do during that week was pray that God would work!

On Thursday night during campfire, after the gospel was shared again and the invitation to stay was given, all my girls stayed behind and three rededicated their lives to the Lord. One of them just listened to the gospel being presented again but did not make a decision that I know of. The other girl, Danielle, believed the gospel and got saved that night. It was amazing to see God work in her life and also to realize that I can only proclaim the gospel but God does the work in the lives of people.

Natalie is the daughter of Colby (’87) & Lesa (Hosford, ’87) Holmes, grads serving in Argentina, and grandaughter of the late Ronald Holmes (’57) & Margaret (Scott, ’57) Holmes Gualtieri who also served for years in Argentina.

Post by: Natalie Holmes – NBBI Senior Student

This article appears in the December 2011 Open Bible Bulletin.

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