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Natalie Paterson - NBBI Class of 2012

Looking back over the years, I could say that I had the classic “Christian testimony.” I was born into a Christian home, saved when I was young, dedicated my life to God when I was 12, baptised the same year, and I am now at NBBI.

God has especially used NBBI to bring major changes in my life. When I came here as a freshman almost three years ago, I thought that I was coming for an education in Scripture, not practical life lessons. Looking back, I would have to say that, although classes have been amazing and I have learned a lot from them, the most valuable lessons have come through the practical application of Scripture in my life.

One of the main lessons that I have learned is that I cannot do it in my own strength. Although it sometimes seems like I cannot go on, God has always been there to support and encourage me. Through Scripture, classes, friends, prayer and many other ways, God has always shown Himself faithful. Through my years at NBBI I have learned that God’s strength is sufficient for me and when I am weak, He is strong.

Post by: Natalie Paterson
Senior Class Secretary


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