Alumnews from Austria

Leanne (Baker ’83) Carter recently sent this letter from Austria. I thought our readers might enjoy it. Please continue to pray for Leanne and her sons, David and Jonathan.

“Thank you for your many prayers for us. We are blessed by them. It was good for us to ski together on the anniversary of Warren’s accident, to celebrate his life. The ‘mountain’ took excellent care of us. We were given lift tickets and lunch on the mountain by the company that runs the lifts. The fine people at our ski school, that the boys attended for the last 6 years, welcomed us with open arms. Their chins almost hit the floor when we walked through the door to rent skis (which they wouldn’t let us pay for). Last year, when I said good bye, I told them we would not be coming back. Hmmm, I am glad God changed my mind. At lunch, David’s ski teacher from last year spotted us and was very pleased to see us and find out how we were doing. We skied to the site of Warren’s accident and I was yet again amazed at how flat the slope was where the accident occurred. It was a very emotional moment for me.

Thank you to those who sent notes to share with my boys on the anniversary of Warren’s death, Feb. 14th. This was a very important day for me as a mother. I wanted my boys to receive their father’s teaching and catch a glimpse of heaven.

In December, I had to write a report on my plans and goals for the next two years (special thanks to my editor, Nikki, who helped me turn my diagrams, pictures, schedule and ideas into a concise report). One point that was very clear for me is that discipleship and mentoring (I like to call it ‘Adventuring’) of women in leadership and women who are wives of leaders should be a main focus. Just two weeks ago a new Bible study group of young women started meeting in my home. Three of them I have known since they were children, and now they are married and have children of their own! Yes, I have been around awhile. It is a privilege to have this precious time with them.

We are blessed to have you in our lives!


Leanne, Jonathan and David.”

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  1. Lorraine (fraser) Mchugh

    Leanne,I have just read your blog.I am so sorry to hear of your lose U are very brave to be carrying on, the Lord is amazing in how He is taking care of you and your boys. I would love to reconect with you. I hope you remember me we were at NBBI together. Lorraine Fraser now McHugh from Ireland my e mail is please contact me. love Lorraine

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