Report on Encounter 2012 Teen Retreats

How would you like hundreds of teens to converge upon your home, scream all weekend, stay up half the night, and then leave exhausted when it’s all over. Well that is what happened at NBBI. Our students opened up their home (the dorms) and welcome hundreds of teens for two action packed exciting weekends. This year’s “Encounter 2012” was one of our best yet. Our two speakers Mr. Jon Ward and Pastor Trent Boyd powerfully presented God’s Word and the response was incredible. Over 15 teenagers put their faith in Christ and dozens more rededicated their lives to the Lord. That is why our students tirelessly work to put these weekends together, that is why faithful youth leaders bring their teenagers to us, and that is what the ministry of NBBI is all about. The games were amazing as usual, the food was great, the music was awesome, but the fact that several entered into a relationship with Jesus Christ makes it all worthwhile.

Here’s what others were saying about “Encounter 2012”:

“I would attend another retreat in a heartbeat! It was amazing!”

“I loved the sessions (Bible). They taught me a lot about God, and things that I need to know about being a Christian that I never knew.”

“It was absolutely amazing, and made a huge change and impact on my life!…the best weekend of my life.”

“The games and activities were awesome.”

“The students (NBBI students) are fantastic. Please let them know that they are so instrumental to making a positive impact on teens.”

But do not take their word for it, mark February 2013 on your calendar and plan on joining us. A big thank you for the tremendous work of our students and to all the youth leaders who brought their young people to our campus.

Post by Matthew Little, NBBI President

This article appears in the May 2012 Open Bible Bulletin.

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