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Two and a half years ago my life was headed in a completely different direction.  I was going to head off to University with major scholarships, and follow in the path so many had carved for me.  I want to be “successful” and had all of my ducks in a row – or so I thought.

It wasn’t until two weeks before classes began that I had a face-to-face encounter with God and what He’d been trying to teach me all along.  I was blinded by “success” and the fear of what others would think.  When I finally asked God to do things His way, it was terrifyingly different than my plans: go to Bible school.  Through a series of events that now blur together in my mind, I somehow ended up here at New Brunswick Bible Institute, through His grace alone.

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Looking back, I cannot imagine doing anything different.  God has used this school not only to educate me in His Word, but to also radically transform me as a person.  Our extremely personal God took my insecure, angry, and tentative self and molded me into someone I barely recognized.  God used study in His Word, face-first experiences with ministry, and relationships with staff and students to create this transformation.

Now, in the midst of my third year, God’s work in me is ongoing.  He is revealing that ministry is not about me, but about stepping back and allowing the Holy Spirit to use my heart to minister to the hearts of others.  He is teaching me the importance of being a disciple, and making disciples.  Finally, He is warning me that the tough journey ahead may not necessarily include “success” as I see it, because “success” in God’s eyes includes a total surrender to Him.

Post by: Ryan Farrell, Senior Class President
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